3D Extra

We’re back on developing the new version of 3dExtra.
With app system in mind the first app is now ready for production.
The new app helps to create particle based textures in real time.

3dExtra is a Platform designed to create Visual Effects in real time.
Maryam and I started on this back in year 2000. We developed this program to help us create 3D Animated Motion Graphic in real time. It was developed by writing C++ custom plugins for Quest 3D Engine.

DMP Toolkit

DMP Toolkit

A series of Adobe Photoshop Tools to Incorporate Mac Based Photoshop Environment to Linux based Pipeline.
I developed these tools to speed up our production process, less chance of error in conversions and better use of studio software licenses.

With these tools also artist could easily communicate between Photoshop, Nuke and Maya and see the exact same colour as they transfer files in between.